Linley Locked in!!

dah. I figured it’d happen at some point, and yesterday was the day (hopefully not the beginning of a bad habit); we locked ourselves out of the house with Linley hanging out inside. alone. and thankfully not afraid!

While Linley was enjoying some time on her play mat, momma and I had stepped outside on the back deck to trim off some extra bulk from the recent hair cut, and the door followed, locking us out. I do my best to keep the doors locked when we’re home, which is normally a good idea, but this may be is the exception. The front door bolt was shut, the side door too, and well, we had already assessed the back door.

Thankfully Tad would be leaving work in just a few minutes so I thought I’d call him and have him come home a little early. I checked my pockets; mom checked hers. No phones. oops.  I was wearing not the best attire for running around knocking on doors, but what do you do? So thankfully my neighbor Mary was home and let me use her phone to call Tad (he answered twice in his pocket-not unusual, but eventually we got ahold of him).

We probably wouldn’t have chosen to be hanging out outside in the 100+ degree weather yesterday, but since we were outside we thought, might as well keep busy! So we pulled some weeds surrounding the back door entrance, which, if you’ve been to our place, you’d know that weeds have taken a back seat to the countless other projects our century old home provides.

and there are still many many ... many more. high class living.

Before Tad pulled in, I was able to peek in the window and see a little of bit of my girl. She wasn’t crying at all. Praise the Lord-she had rolled onto her tummy and had fallen asleep! When we went inside I picked up the babe and put her to bed.

I’m so thankful she was sleepy, well fed and had clean pants! Hopefully this is a one time occurrence – Tad went out and purchased a lock box.

Because it's necessary