the past… fourteen weeks?

This was initially intended to be titled, ‘the past six weeks’, then ‘the past seven weeks’, and now here we are (um. and now here at 14 weeks we are!) The happenings of the Asay household…at least a start.

Our first sponge bath at home... avoiding 'the button'.

immediately followed by a massive projectile pooping... way to hold my legs dad.

new hands...

... and new feets

and even new toes!

daddy loves n snugs

1 thought on “the past… fourteen weeks?

  1. Love the Asay Placey blog! How frightening to be locked outside with baby Linley inside. In a vehicle would have been much worse. Thank God Tad came home and saved the day. ;-) Can’t wait to meet Miss Linley in person. Such a blessed little girl with loving parents like you two.

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