Owen + Linley

Often when we get cabin fever, or just need to taste the breeze, we’ll head out for a stroll around the neighborhood, and this Friday brought us to a fun bit of afternoon at the Scott residence, some of our good friends who live a few blocks from us. They recently adopted two littles from Africa (the youngest to be arriving in less than two weeks now!) Four year old, Owen, the oldest and first to arrive, is SUCH a joy! He’s one of the best things that has come out of Africa and now lives just a few blocks away thanks to his parents! It’s clear that Owen + Linley are friends.

check out those feet!

This is how sweet Owen is. He and his mom, Maria, brought us fresh flowers a couple of weeks ago – PER OWEN’S REQUEST:

What a sweetie.

Just a couple of fun – very fun – facts stemming from Owen: There are over 15 families from our church alone currently in the adoption process to bring home orphaned children from the same country in Africa. How awesome is it that 1. these little sweets are being brought into families who want and love them 2. that they are going to have a HUGE community of other adopted African kids to grow with!? If you’d like to explore what can be a looong journey to bringing home adopted children, visit THIS BLOG.  Our friends, Jen and Jason, are adopting 3 African kids from the same country as Owen into their family, two girls and a boy, and they have kept a very detailed log of their journey. You’ll find an abundant amount of information there.

Who knows, perhaps in the near future, the Asay Placey will include some little black babies… or red or yellow babies!