Linley’s latest discoveries.

This month our girl has opened her fist and is now grabbing anything and everything and giving it a taste test. First on the list is our MAMA AND BABY! book from Grandma Michelle. It’s claimed to be indestructible, so below Linley is testing it out… so far so good!

She also really loves her Sophie la Giraffe (At the Asayplacey, we pronounce it ‘here-ah-fuh’)  … this little one and her bigger squeeky one. :)

Another ‘month 3’ activity that we’ve been practicing LOTS… rolling over! She started this at about 2.5 moths from her tummy to her back and now it’s to the back to the tummy and to the tummy to the back! Every time I lay her on her back, give her 3 seconds and this is what she does:

If you’re a parent of babes, you know it’s something knew every day!

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