the difference of a month

The image on the left is the beginning of Linley’s 3rd month, the image in the middle is the end of her 3rd month, and the one on the right is month 4! My goodness that one flew by!

Last night I told Tad that Linley would be shaving her legs soon. ‘They’ say littles grow quickly. III say littles grow quickly!! With her changing like lightning it’s easy to miss all the little things. For example, just yesterday Linley and I were having a chat and instead of her usual fluctuations of ‘uuuhs’ and ‘aaahs’ she just threw in a ‘muuh’ ‘paaah’ baah’ like a big kid! What a smartypants.

I love how she takes everything in. She’s so serious and observant. Well… not all the time (see below!)

Next thing is sitting, then crawling, then Tad and I will really need to organize the house and finish our construction projects!!! More on that later.

we're sitting!! (only second before she fell over.. but hey!)

talking, laughing, sneezing, questioning, inspecting, and flying

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