FIVE months!

The 11th marked the day~ 5 seems like such a big number — but then 6, 7 and 8 will too. Then she’ll be 18 and graduated, Lord willing. ah dear. Let’s enjoy!!!

This Little Lady is all smiles these days (do I hear a shout for joy?!) and has such the personality!!! Just two days ago she started pulling her bottom lip down like in the image on the right.

I love how alert she is! The con, however, is that there’s little hope for her sleeping if there is anything worth looking at, hearing, touching, or missing out on. 

Almost mobile! She’s been twistin’ and scootin’ and pulling her knees up… better put away the chicken wire that’s just laying on the floor in the room where she plays. :| disaster!!!

She can’t quite sit and balance on her own yet (as seen below), but with practice we’ll get there. This is right before daddy caught her. No biffs on the concrete please!

Posin’! … until next time!

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