buh-bye purple popple.

Popple: commonly known as: pacifier, nuk, plug, sucker, etc. Whatever you call it, it’s ‘popple’ at the asayplacey, and we’re saying goodbye.

 We had others for naps and bedtime, but this is the purple popple, which went with us everywhere out and about. Plus Tad’s mom, Michelle, got Linley the fun bead clip so we could keep track of it.  It was super convenient, and the purple popple never left it!

I’ll have to confess that I never wanted to START using a popple (pacifier) in the first place. But if I recall correctly, after suffering through just one week of sleepless nights, up every 45 minutes comforting a fresh babe, I ran to the closet, broke open the package, and we got… well, more than 45 minutes of rest, while Linley utilized the silicone sucker.

The use of a pacifier has been a life saver, for the most part, but as of late, I’ve noticed that it’s becoming more of a problem than it is a help. By God’s grace, we trained our little lady to fall asleep on her own (with the use of her pacifier) at around 2.5 months. We’d lay her down awake, giver her the popple, and we’d leave her room. (no it wasn’t just that easy; it took lots of persistence, but in time she learned and it was so worth it to train her!) While she’d fall asleep on her own, she was beginning to wake up in the middle of a nap or in the middle of the night and not be able to fall asleep without some help from her pacifier (meaning mom or dad comes to put it back in). And even then, she wouldn’t necessarily go back to sleep. I also noticed that when we’d lay her down with her pacifier, she’d usually spit it out within 2 minutes and cry herself to sleep within 10 minutes or so.

So, noting the above, and after reading that an infant has little need for non-nutritive sucking after about 6 months of age, we made a decision and are giving the popples the boot! So far so good. We’ve made it a solid 24 hours with little tears! Going out and about is a somewhat tricky, as there is now no way for instant relief inside the car seat or stroller.

One bonus for Linley, however, is that we ARE keeping a modified version of the purple popple:

She won’t be able to suck on it anymore, but she can use it and the beads as a teether! win. win. Here’s to growing up!

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