This past Sunday marked a big moment at the Asayplacey; Linley Louise had her first sit down meal time! I had given her tastes here and there of my avocado, potato, things like that… Great Grandpa Bob gave her a lick of ice cream (she liked it), but otherwise we hadn’t started solids quite yet. She didn’t know what to make of her chair (compliments of our neighbors, the Wallaces), or her bib.Until Sunday, by God’s grace and lots of perseverance (nursing wasn’t always the easiest for either of us!), Linley’s only source of nutrition came from me. So this was/is definitely a new experience for her and me!

I did my best to place her hands where we’d like to train her to keep them for meal time. This is me doing that…As you’ll see, I don’t think she got the hint – maybe next time – or the next time – or the time after that?  I’ve started signing to her to help with the lack of verbal communication. (More on that when we see some progress!)

She was waiting so patiently:

First Bite!

She obviously liked it - she grabbed the bowl!

and then tried to eat her bib... or what had fallen on it.

G.O.O.D stuff!

I don't think this is the true sign for 'more please'. :| Not really waiting so patiently anymore.

And that is meal time #1! We do have some footage of this event, which I’m sure we’ll get around to posting it shortly. Overall: SUCCESS.

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