baby blues.

I wish the baby blues I am talking about were the blue baby eyes, but unfortunately they’re not; baby’s GOT the blues. :( Little Lady has been under the weather for about 3 days now. She just woke one morning with snot covering her upper lip and boogies stuck to her forehead.

She’s much better today, with more energy, but is still congested. We’re glad she’s feeling a little better, as Tad and I will be out shooting a wedding while Linley and Grandma Marty hang together. We don’t like sick babes! One plus though – lots of cuddles! (Jen – you’re right!)

1 thought on “baby blues.

  1. love this little Asay. This photo is absolutely precious. Probably my favorite Linley photo so far…even though she is sick. Love reading your updates! :)

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