our Sunday afternoon.

We really enjoy Sunday afternoons – particularly on a day like today! 72° and sunny! There’s typically not much going on, we can work on things we enjoy, and just relax and enjoy the day that the Lord has made (like a TRUE sabbath!)

We all enjoy doing different things. I enjoy mine, Linley enjoys her nap (well, we all enjoy Linley enjoying her nap!), and below, Tad is enjoying his:

This is a 1964 mini cooper that we purchased the first year we were married and had high hopes of fixing up in just a few months and be saving gas with the windows down all summer long – then life happened, we got busy, things break, houses are purchased, we decided to help raise the next generation (joyfully) and the fun hobbies are reserved for days like today. One day… (note: Tad really knows what he’s doing. No sarcasm there. I really am excited to see what he’ll make of it one day!)

But tad wasn’t the only one having a little fun today! Let me zoom out just a little:

Notice the globe in the top right window of the mini – I put it there. :) I enjoyed a little photo shoot this afternoon of ‘things I like’ for the BIO portion of my new website. It’s not ‘launched’ just yet, but I’m hoping for later this month… again, that whole life happens thing. Keep your eyes out for it! and happy Sunday!

ps. Linley is getting better with the congestion, but has developed a nasty cough. Tad stayed home with her today while I served in the nursery at church, so pray for her – especially that she’s better by Tuesday! We’re visiting great grandam Joyce and great Aunt Tink! Shoot – just pray for all of us – Tad’s got the sniffles, and I’m getting a scratchy throat (my least favorite thing!) VINEGAR VINEGAR VINEGAR! gargle gargle.

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