fun with great gramps n gram.

Last week Linley and I headed to Mtown to visit Great Grandpa Bob and Great Grandma Joyce and Great Great Aunt Tink. :) For some reason you add an extra great for aunts??

It was great.. no, Great Great GREAT…  to see them, especially since Tink hadn’t seen Linley!

After visiting Aunt Tink we met Gramps back at their place for some lunch.

(Side note:Linley was super content! Let me follow that up by saying that Linley is content provided one thing: SLEEP! I can expand on this later, but we drove around Mtown while the little lady snoozed so that our time with Gramps n Gram could be a pleasant one.)

This part is probably my favorite. Don’t meals of ANY kind just taste better when Grandma makes it? However simple it may be, it is almost always the very best meal you’ve had. That’s what this was.

pork sandies and cottage cheese! Let’s not forget the tomatoes though. This is just one of the many many reasons why my gramps is the best. Grandma asked him to slice some tomatoes to have with our lunch so gramps whipped out this ‘small machete’ to get the job done.

Maybe it’s just a guy thing. Tad seems to always go for the, not necessarily biggest, but sharpest knife we’ve got, whether it’s made for something else or not. Here’s to it!

The dinner was delicious, even though I scarfed it down in all of 20 seconds! Some little lady was sleepy and therefore irritable. Gramps tried to calm her and she just wasn’t havin it!

So Grandma and I finish our sandwiches while Gramps and Linley have some one::one and all of a sudden from the other room we hear the giddiest laughter coming from my irritable babe. We look to find them playing with a stuffed doll that Grandpa is bobbling the head of. She seemed to think it was just hilarious!

I’m really glad I was able to get these! Thanks, Grandma for asking me to get my camera out!!! We couldn’t stay for too much longer as Linley has a hard time sleeping if there’s a party going on, so we headed for home. Until next time! Our family Thanksgiving/Christmas is at the end of October. More fun to come!

1 thought on “fun with great gramps n gram.

  1. whoa! you were in Mtown????? Next time you’re over here call or message me so we can have a little visit! (if you have the time, it can be very little if it needs to be) i still want ada and linley to meet! :)

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