I don’t have a picture of this (it would just be too awful to take!) but as Linley is becoming more and more aware of things, we are having more and more fun, but we are also having a harder time saying ‘goodbye’. I don’t mean ‘goodbye’, we’re leaving you alone in the house with someone else. I mean ‘goodbye’ you’re going to take a nap now and I’ll see you in an hour and a half. She snuggles up as I sing or hum to her for a bit to calm down into sleep mode (which we both love) before laying her on her belly (still awake). But more often than not, as I lay her down, she’ll start whining, turn her head around and watch me leave her room as if to say, ‘WHY, oh why, are you abandoning me?!’ Lately she’s been falling asleep within just a couple of minutes of my leaving her room (PRAISE. THE. LORD.), but I find myself pep-talking, ‘stay strong! she’s just fine!’ Heartbreaker Linley – where wilt we go from here?

2 thoughts on “heartbreaker

  1. Oh pitiful!! Shows just how much you love each other. Hopefully, this will pass soon…not your love for each other, but the sadness when you part from each other. It probably won’t though…just sayin’. I love you, Libs, and still get a little sad when we part.
    You’re such a good momma!

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