seven months.

We were a little pressed for time this month, means her 7 month was 11.11.11.  (I can’t imagine next month will be any better – though I think it will) so we had did some quick shootin’ in my office/studio/craftroom, aka the osc.

i love her.

couldn’t leave out the toe lint!

A joyful Thanksgiving celebration everyone!

What can I say, we like pisa.

Tad and I hosted some friends for dinner tonight, one of which isn’t a HUGE fan of green veggies. I had some asparagus to use up before the weekend and I didn’t want to make a casserole or pasta dish, so what do you go for that serves a few that is not too complicated? Pizza! (we’ve been making it a lot it seems! Or maybe I just like writing about it).

I love being creative with my toppings and because I really wanted to use up the asparagus, I looked up a few different recipes and blended them together with the ingredients we had for one pizza, and used turkey pepperonis to top the other.



We found a recipe that called for a basil pesto for the base sauce, and chicken, asparagus, and roasted red peppers, to top.

I appreciate that my husband is such a help in the kitchen (and nearly everywhere else for that matter!)


This is per-peppers and cheese, but it was super tasty! I used the same crust as in other pizzas we’ve made, but spread the roni crust more thin…it was crunchy.


I didn’t photograph the dessert portion, but I made a chocolate moose, which I had been wanting to make again for a while now. I’ve been using a recipe from epicurious, which I really like. I can link it later.

All in all, enjoyable precursor to a thanksgiving feast:) and we sure are thankful for some GOOD food! (Just wetting our appetites for THE feast, and who can describe how awesome THAT will be?! Some day. Some day.)

Okay, here is the remnant:


Closet progress

Since we purchased our home in January earlier this year, we have been ripping out floors, making repairs, and doing our best to update this century old construction to make it our own.

After we welcomed Linley to the party, the Asayplacey suddenly had new work rules; the major one being, no work during nap time lest you wake the baby! So needless to say we’ve not been able to accomplish a whole lot on the house since she’s joined us, but now that we’re getting into a goodish rhythm, we’re picking up our nail guns and paint brushes and are giving it another go!

Tad had been hard at work in our soon-to-be walk in closet/lounge area off of our bedroom.


He’s only able to work in hourish long increments but is making some awesome progress, and Linley loves to watch her daddy work!

More to come! (I think I’ve said that a few times before, but there really is more to come).


Working with what you have

This is called, “we don’t have anything but some random ingredients in the fridge so let’s make the best of it” dinner, but actually it’s called “roasted red pepper and bacon pizza” :)


I made a wheat crust and a creamy tomato sauce and added the bacon, roasted red peppers, garlic, some spinach and cheese and baked it for a good while before topping it off with fresh Parmesan! Not too shabby for a make it up meal :) like I said, I’m not too keen on following a recipe if I don’t HAVE to!


The only problem is, my counter ends up looking like this if I’m not careful!


Hey wait a second!!! THERE is that skosh!

a LOT of ‘skosh’

I even thought about taking a picture of this massive squash I had purchased but thought that I had been taking way too many random pictures lately and decided not to. I think I learned to take those random pictures anyhow so I don’t miss sharing these things! For those of you who were in my kitchen to see it, you know it was quite large!

I LOVE squash! But this one was not for me; it was for making lots n lots of little lady food. I popped it in the oven for about an hour (whole and in a pan), cut it in half, removed the pulp, scraped out the flesh with a large spoon, mashed with a potato masher, added just a bit of water and puréed with an immursion blender.


Thanks to my friend JenI was confident enough to make my own food for babes and store it for handy use!


I spooned the puréed ‘skosh’ as we call it, into almost FIVE ice cube trays to be frozen. After they were nice and solid and popped them out and into a baggie for handy storage and access. Now for every meal I’m able to grab one or two cubes of squash and nuke it for 30 seconds. Viola! Little lady food! and she LOVES her skosh!


isn’t she lovely.

that’s a statement. not a question. :)

We’ve been crazy busy around the Asayplacey, but I figured since Linley will be SEVEN months in just a few days, I should probably post her six month photos! With each one I fell more and more in love. I’ll do my best to remember these emotions when others come’a creepin’.

We just went out onto the back deck since it was a bit chilly (yes, I know – no socks! she survived). I thought I’d grab my shoes for some fun and entertainment. She liked it.

She IS on the move now… ‘pseudo-crawling’ (will explain more later), but she loves her superman! This girl’s gonna have one strong core! Linley Louise being Linley Louise.

She’s so fun.

And I couldn’t help but get close! I didn’t want to forget all of her lovely little details.

Little Lady, you are growing so fast!

And just a little tidbit of information: Linley will be 7 months on 11.11.11. I wonder how many pregnant ladies are hoping for that day just because!

birdie bank.

Our Little Lady is learning to save!

For the past few years we’ve been celebrating Christmas/Thanksgiving with my grandparents in October before they head out of state for warmer weather (why we don’t have photos of our get-together I do not know!!) and Linley was blessed with some cash among other things – so we thought we should teach her to be a good steward of her money. We start by saving in the birdie bank!

Well done, Linley Louise. Maybe next time we’ll learn about mutual funds and investing.