isn’t she lovely.

that’s a statement. not a question. :)

We’ve been crazy busy around the Asayplacey, but I figured since Linley will be SEVEN months in just a few days, I should probably post her six month photos! With each one I fell more and more in love. I’ll do my best to remember these emotions when others come’a creepin’.

We just went out onto the back deck since it was a bit chilly (yes, I know – no socks! she survived). I thought I’d grab my shoes for some fun and entertainment. She liked it.

She IS on the move now… ‘pseudo-crawling’ (will explain more later), but she loves her superman! This girl’s gonna have one strong core! Linley Louise being Linley Louise.

She’s so fun.

And I couldn’t help but get close! I didn’t want to forget all of her lovely little details.

Little Lady, you are growing so fast!

And just a little tidbit of information: Linley will be 7 months on 11.11.11. I wonder how many pregnant ladies are hoping for that day just because!

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