Closet progress

Since we purchased our home in January earlier this year, we have been ripping out floors, making repairs, and doing our best to update this century old construction to make it our own.

After we welcomed Linley to the party, the Asayplacey suddenly had new work rules; the major one being, no work during nap time lest you wake the baby! So needless to say we’ve not been able to accomplish a whole lot on the house since she’s joined us, but now that we’re getting into a goodish rhythm, we’re picking up our nail guns and paint brushes and are giving it another go!

Tad had been hard at work in our soon-to-be walk in closet/lounge area off of our bedroom.


He’s only able to work in hourish long increments but is making some awesome progress, and Linley loves to watch her daddy work!

More to come! (I think I’ve said that a few times before, but there really is more to come).


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