What can I say, we like pisa.

Tad and I hosted some friends for dinner tonight, one of which isn’t a HUGE fan of green veggies. I had some asparagus to use up before the weekend and I didn’t want to make a casserole or pasta dish, so what do you go for that serves a few that is not too complicated? Pizza! (we’ve been making it a lot it seems! Or maybe I just like writing about it).

I love being creative with my toppings and because I really wanted to use up the asparagus, I looked up a few different recipes and blended them together with the ingredients we had for one pizza, and used turkey pepperonis to top the other.



We found a recipe that called for a basil pesto for the base sauce, and chicken, asparagus, and roasted red peppers, to top.

I appreciate that my husband is such a help in the kitchen (and nearly everywhere else for that matter!)


This is per-peppers and cheese, but it was super tasty! I used the same crust as in other pizzas we’ve made, but spread the roni crust more thin…it was crunchy.


I didn’t photograph the dessert portion, but I made a chocolate moose, which I had been wanting to make again for a while now. I’ve been using a recipe from epicurious, which I really like. I can link it later.

All in all, enjoyable precursor to a thanksgiving feast:) and we sure are thankful for some GOOD food! (Just wetting our appetites for THE feast, and who can describe how awesome THAT will be?! Some day. Some day.)

Okay, here is the remnant:


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