the girl is 8 months!

Whew – 8 months! Eight seems like such a big number, but it’s really not. (Though I am already throwing together some birthday ideas per a friends encouragement.) I LOVE having a monthly photo shoot with Linley! The weather and demands of the month have left us in the OCS, but it did the job just fine. ENJOY!

Thank you Grandmomma Marty for helping Linley to fulfill her dreams of becoming a ballerina. She can touch her toes! yay! We’re working on the graceful part of moving. She’d still rather do the worm!

It may look like she’s about to crawl, but do not be deceived! We scoot!

We entertain ourselves with Linley expressions during the evenings at the Asayplacey:

Such joy! The sweetest babe to date… until brother or sister (again, not hinting.)

Thanks to Aunt Nichole, we were able to make a bow out of the lush wool yarn! Thanks sister!

LL was really enjoying her boot while we were hangin’ upstairs :)

Then she tried to do the splits (a common occurrence), when this happened:

And that’s where we ended our session for a snuggle, sip of water, and nap time. Praise the Almighty Lord for our sweet, healthy, strong-willed, joyful little lady. He reminds me often that we can do NOTHING apart from Him. Thank Him for that last breath you just drew in.

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