Cash & planning

In hopes of becoming better stewards of the gifts we’ve been given (namely money), we’re making the move to cash… actual, I can touch it, count it out, and use it: cash. We’ve had a budget ever since we’ve been married, something I am so thankful to Tad for. And we’ve always tried to ‘do our best’ to spend under the allotted amount within each category, but we tend to go over in some areas; like groceries…and other ‘random’ spending. I am mostly at fault for this since we’ve made it my responsibility to plan the meals each week (though my man can cook!) and i do most of the ‘random’ spending. So we discussed which categories those random spending items fell under, made a list and budget, and I threw together a lil ‘cash envelope’ to start January 2012.


I’m looking forward to seeing how well we can make it work! I don’t like hauling around even generally moderate sums of money, so this lil guy will be for food, dates, and shopping outings only.

I’ve already made our meal plan for the week, now let’s see if we can stick with it! If anyone is interested in what we’ll be consuming the rest of the week, I’ve posted the plan below with lunches being mostly leftovers with some sandies and salads thrown in the mix. These meals are staples I already know how to make so the list was easy!

Tuesday: potato soup

Wednesday: fajitas

Thursday: chicken lasagna

Friday: chops + roasted veggies

Saturday: chili

Sunday: tostadas

Monday: homemade pizza

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