climbing & instruction.

Maybe someday I’ll mean ‘cliff’ or ‘mountain’ when I title a post ‘climbing’, but this time I mean ‘chair’ or ‘all other furniture or taller objects within reach’ climbing.

I’ll explain all that LL had been learning and exploring lately in her 9 month post that is yet to come, but for now, she climbs:

… Under the chair, before giving herself a lil bonk on the head and realizing she can’t stand up under there.

She didn’t seem to mind though. She was having too much fun exploring!

We’re working on teaching/instructing & disciplining when things are dangerous to ‘explore’. Not EVERYTHING is ‘baby proofed’ at the Asayplacey. Though we don’t leave the sharp knives on the floor within reach, we’d (I think most parents can agree) rather train Linley to follow Ephesians 6:1… Joyfully because of proverbs 13:24, among others. In due time. She listens to her daddy’s voice much more attentively than mine. It’s low and apparently comes across as more serious.

She’s a sweet gift, and is teaching us SO so much! Explore away Linley Louise! (just not over to the bookcase that could topple over on your little body, or onto the frames that are on the floor because momma can’t make up her mind, or near the cans of ash next to fireplace because we haven’t found a good solution for that yet, or up the stairs cause you could fall, or into the kitchen because you’ll probably find crumbs on the floor and put them in your mouth – gross! -, or… I’m SURE there are SOME places you can explore!) :)

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