the month 9 update

…because she turned TEN months a couple of days ago, I figured I outta post some 9 month highlight images!

My favorite crinkly nose

Fun climbing on just about EVERYTHING

And fun with Dad’s hat

We love sweet baby hands

…and this face! plus it’s one of the only photos I got with her EIGHT teeth somewhat in view

She likes to leave one ear out nearly at all times regardless the hat

Oh girl, you grow grow grow

And it’s such a thrill!

Well, that’s a good one to end on. Now I’ll need to get around to taking some TEN month shots of this lady! Thankfully she really likes being with me these days… like so much that she immediately weeps and weeps (as though the world will end any moment) when I just STAND to place something in the trash, or relieve myself (even if I leave the door open so she can still see me!), or if I merely pretend like I am moving in the opposite direction of her whereabouts. Sigh. Thankfully there’s nap time to get anything done – oh wait, that’s when I sleep. So… maybe she’ll just have to learn to trust that I will return from the trash can, bathroom, dishwasher, or my breakfast and she’ll survive. ┬áTen months – we’re taking you on!