A brief ten month overview

Well, we’ve just been doing other things around here besides keeping up to date with our web log – here is an overview of Linley’s TENTH month with us. ENJOY!

These are her Valentine’s Day jams. But around here, holiday jams aren’t just for holidays, as you’ll see below in her Christmas jams in February.

vday jams.jpg

A few weeks ago we made a weekend journey to the twin cities to do some furniture shopping at IKEA. Tad accepted a new position still in our city (praise the Lord!) and had the week off, so we took advantage of the free time. Linley was such a sweet trooper on our trip and had a BLAST exploring things inside the shopping cart.

I found this wicker chair, just her size, and was oh so tempted to purchase it, but just didn’t. A photo would do for now.

shopping at ikea.jpg

Needless to say we found some deals and loaded up! Tad’s got some skill when it comes to efficiency. What can I say?

the ikea load spring 2012.jpg

I don’t have an image of it here, but Linley was buried in the back cab of the truck for the trip home. With items stacked on both sides of her, you’d not have known we had the little lady with us if you didn’t here her chatter! She had a hard time falling asleep initially, as it was her bed time heading out of the cities, but she thankfully fell asleep eventually. Tad and I then enjoyed 3 hours of the constant brown noise that was playing for Linley’s sleeping convenience. (sometimes, that’s just what is helpful).

We started putting together our items the next day. Linley loves helping – especially when her daddy is involved. They’re pals.

dad + LL putting the furniture together.jpg

I WILL post some images of the after with everything set up, but we’re still finishing some construction/painting. When it’s all done (goal is by the weekend!) I’ll find the befores and post them with the afters. QUITE the change.

I’ve been trying to keep Linley away from the stairs as long as possible, but alas, she found them and was super eager to climb – and that she did! yeah girl! just caution yourself, okay!

up the stairs by herself.jpg

Another new venture we had that month was introducing Linley to one of the many neighborhood cats we have gracing our driveway and backyard daily. She’s been intrigued by them whenever they pass by, so when we were finished with our walk a few weeks ago, we decided to let her explore.

neighborhood cat1.jpg

The kitty was … friendly.

neighborhood cat2.jpg

Then the kitty got annoyed by Linley’s love pats:

Oh, kitty. Just don’t get too annoyed with my babe. (or momma, don’t let babe annoy the kitty too much).

I love these two. They’re my favorite people. I can say that right? Brushin their toofers together. (again – don’t judge – see the xmas jams out of holiday). They fit and they’re cozy.

t+ll brushing teeth1.jpg

I had to include this one also. They ALWAYS make the same expressions it seems!

brushing teeth2 - twins.jpg

And of course – Tad on his first day of the new job. The main reason I wanted to take a picture was to compare the difference between his old work attire and this; however, he doesn’t really want to put his holey, acid-clad jeans and fleece back on (he used to work designing machines that packaged chemicals), so here’s the new, cas, Tad!

t first day on the new job.jpg

And now we’re in the middle of month 11! Let the party planning begin!

4 thoughts on “A brief ten month overview

    • Thank you Qiaolin! We very much enjoyed seeing you again for just a bit yesterday as well! She does have a sweet smile and is SUCH a delight to us these days :D ages and stages!

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