first timer: swingin’ at the park!

Three posts in one day is a lot, but when there’s catching up to do and when the following is just too precious not to, I couldn’t resist.

Last week was GORGEOUS outside as we welcome spring, so much of our days were spent outdoors going on walks. On one of our walks we decided to go to the park and let Linley try out the swing for the first time. It went as follows:

LL in the swing.jpg

Getting ready for a good time:

daddy pushing LL in the swing.jpg

And WHAO!! Check out the hand wave and the roll of her tongue too! I’m not comparing her to a puppy, but she sure is delighting in swinging like a puppy with its head out the window on a summer day!

delighting in swinging.jpg

delighting in swinging2.jpg

Then we took turns snuggling, because it’s what we do.

LL swinging w her pops.jpg

momma + LL swinging.jpg

And finally, 22 seconds of Linley swinging back and forth.

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