11mo happenings

The following has become one of Linley’s very favorite things to do. Entertaining to watch; a bit embarrassing should there be anyone peeping in our windows.

As a way to be able to see and hear her as well as for her to hear me if needed, I’ll leave the washroom door ajar when necessary. She’s doing better at remaining content when I leave the room (depending on her mood at the moment and the circumstances of the day); so I’ll sometimes place her in front of her books and toy box until she’s occupied with something and do my best to sneak away to the restroom before she notices. Unfortunately, there’s a slight squeak in the door when it swings close, so I’m almost always found out, and she thinks it’s the greatest thing! This is the result:

Aside from that fun, we’re OH SO CLOSE to being finished with the bookshelf! We’re learning as we go with the cabinet doors, so aside from being hinged and knobbed, the shelves are up with books and all and it’s looking more and more complete (yes-photos to come when it’s ALL done.) Here is Tad measuring for the doors:


I had Tad bring up our totes of books from the basement this week. LL was helping me sort and found this one to take with us to get her pants changed. (not joking… this is the one she grabbed – and I am juuust ornery enough to take a picture and publish it)



On a more clean note, I should post photos of bath time every month, because they’re the best!

11mo bathtime.jpg

And thank you Grandma Marty for making LL her new summer hat! She’s been taking it off, then trying to put it back on; then taking it off and putting it back on.

grandma marty's sun hat.jpg

Finally, LL helped me make a spring/summery wreath yesterday! Thanks girl!

oh my. Just 8 days until your birthday Little Lady!!


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