eleven months and sweet

We decided the days were sneaking up on us before Linley’s first ever FIRST birthday celebration would be here and thought we oughta get to snappin’ on her invites; So we picked some flowers and hung out on the back steps. This is Linley having fun with her Hyancinth:

While she was concentrating too intently to give us any belly laughs at first, we still captured some sweetness.

Then we had some fun when dad decided to tickler her with the stem:

Such an awesome evening before bed for a quick shoot

And of course, there are always snuggles with momma and dad

This is the one we chose for her invite. I had an amazingly productive day following the shoot. We edited, designed, printed, cut, addressed, stuffed and mailed all in one day… plus some dish doing and bed making. Yes! goal accomplished! Almost there! Get ready to celebrate Little Lady!


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