LL No. ONE! – birthday

Yaay! We celebrated Linley’s very first birthday last week. It’s been a very full year and we’re thankful!

LL and I enjoyed the day together casually as we didn’t know if Tad would be home to celebrate that night (out for work!), so in the morning we started the usual routine when I realized that I had accidentally left my bag on the floor, open to exploration. And Linley found this:

She’s learned to sign ‘please’ and so she was rubbing her tummy/chest like crazy saying please please please! and so she enjoyed a special birthday breakfast treat. If you can’t see what it is, it’s a Peter Rabbit – sweet tato, corn, and apple squeezie. They’ve been so handy when traveling or shopping!

When I brought out a muffin for my breakfast, LL just couldn’t sit still, so I asked her to say ‘please’ again, and yay she did! Persistence has paid off! We’ve been working with her to sign for the past six months *(please note again her santa jams… when we’ve got one pair that she doesn’t crawl out of and it’s April, we’re not going to go purchase another):

Tad was away from home for the first couple of days last week and didn’t know if he’d make it back to celebrate LL’s actual birthday, so here he is facetiming with the girl:

aaand here she is not knowing what to make of it:

We opened some birthday cards we had received in the mail (focusing very intently):

And then we found out that Dad WOULD be home in time to celebrate with us after all! We didn’t realize soon enough to prepare a grand meal, however, so we ventured out to one of our favorite local places, The Cafe.

Linley and I shared the Cafe mac and cheese (it’s not the typical round about mac n cheese) and she devoured every bite we’d let her have! So in order for me to have some dinner, we sat her down and gave her one of those wedges you see here:


It was already nearly an hour past her usual bedtime (6:30p!!!!) when we returned home, but we couldn’t just go to bed with out having SOME sort of a photo shoot. So I quick sewed together these pieces of fabric, took a marker to them, placed them on the mirror, and hoped she had fun. Here’s what we came up with:

Before we hit the ‘that’s all she wrote’ we had to remember momma and dad on the birthday so what’d we do? we laughed and we snuggled.

and this sleepy stare told us that was all she wrote:

The family celebration coming up next! Happy first birthday little lady!

1 thought on “LL No. ONE! – birthday

  1. Oh, my! What a sheer delight she is!! Love the ones of mommy and daddy with the birthday girl too! This little lady’s got one sparking personality and such wonderful parents! Love you, sweet daughter!

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