green room progress

Here is a QUICK green room progress update.

We have: installed the floor, window trip, base board, 3/4 wall, bench, and bead board. Painted the trim, base board, and walls. Finished white washing the floor and are currently finishing the third coat of poly. Whew! More of the bench/laundry area when it’s finished… now if only we could furnish the room for say, 40 bucks?


asay ladies trip 2012

I don’t know how many years it had been going on prior to my addition into the Asay family, but for a good while Tad’s momma and sister had been taking a yearly trip together to enjoy company and shop – and I’ve become a welcomed member! The first couple of years we made our way to Chicago. And then more babies were born/are being born, so we thought it best to stick closer to home and headed north to the twin cities instead.

I only have a handful of images from the full week that we had, but it was wonderful to get away together and make fun memories for us and the littlest ladies.

We were going to miss daddy very much, so before we left, LL and Tad took a walk up and down the sidewalk as we waited for the other ladies to arrive. This is one of my very favorite photographs of these two thus far – aren’t they sweet?!With our going and going, I think we forgot to take any photographs of the girls together, so the one below of LL with her Gehrt cousins is about as good as it got. They were playing with the chair cushion and having a good time:

Yes, this is LL in one of the shirts purchased for little brother, but I figured, I can jazz it up. It fits. So she’s wearing it for the time being. Okay, she will be wearing another one to four items of his before he’s able, but we’re just making the most of what we’ve got here, right? We found these baby KEENS on sale at REI and decided they were a must for LL this fall and little brother next year. (and some smartwools… a girl’s gotta be comfortable!) Speaking of little brother – he was SO not neglected on our ladies trip. Quite the opposite actually, however, I’ll spare all but one detail: The green dino. I ‘love’ him. So obviously little brother must also when he comes.  While I’m on the topic of green creatures, I should mention THIS green creature below that stood floated hovered just inches from us and exchanged stares with little lady for quite some time: the sea turtle! She was quite smitten by him. We had fun experiencing all of the underwater life at the Mall of America Aquarium one day of our trip.And Aunt Kara taught me how to improvise with the littler ones to accommodate to their viewing needs. Nice work Aunt Kara. Meanwhile back at the hotel, Linley was having fun doing her tri-daily activity of putting things in and out of the drawer, including herself. Just one of the many reasons why you’re such fun little weezer. :D I’m just glad she didn’t face plant onto the floor! There is so much more I could share about taking three littles 3 and under on a 3+ hour road trip, hauling them around all day nearly every day, and sleeping in a hotel for a week, but I’ll allow you to imagine. They all truly did well considering we reaped havoc on all of their regular daily activities and schedules. Thanks Grandma Michelle, Aunt Kara, and girls for a wonderful, wonderful time away together and for blessing us with so many useful and fun goodies! Thankful & blessed.

bonnets + booties


Generational items are special simply for the THOUGHT of knowing that when your parents were wee babes – when only the Almighty had thought of you (let alone YOUR own babes) – they were making good use of said items. There are two I’ll highlight: my momma’s baby bonnet and her mint knit baby booties, which LL is wearing below. I’m glad that I photographed her when I did! Those little booties were about to become too small!!

some much delayed posts : Grandpa’s Garden

Once again, the Asayplacey has been one busy placey! Here’s a brief update:

It’s been a couple of months since we’ve been to my Dad’s garden, but it was sweet none-the-less (and not just the produce). Grandpa Rob has many talents and hobbies, but the most recent (and I’ll say fruitful for the pun of it) has been gardening. He built the greenhouse you see below, makes his own bug repellent, and well, just does a good job!

See the swirly plant top on the right? Those are garlic scapes. Dad gave them to us to try out, so I put them in a fresh salad to add some kick, and boy did they! At least the ones that we had were about as potent as the bulb itself. It was fun to try something new – thanks Dad.

More scape picking and hanging with Grandma Lindsay.And we can’t leave out the PEAS! These were the. best. and sweetest fresh peas I’ve had and little lady could not have agreed more… fresh out of the pod. 

Hopefully more garden fun to come!