some much delayed posts : Grandpa’s Garden

Once again, the Asayplacey has been one busy placey! Here’s a brief update:

It’s been a couple of months since we’ve been to my Dad’s garden, but it was sweet none-the-less (and not just the produce). Grandpa Rob has many talents and hobbies, but the most recent (and I’ll say fruitful for the pun of it) has been gardening. He built the greenhouse you see below, makes his own bug repellent, and well, just does a good job!

See the swirly plant top on the right? Those are garlic scapes. Dad gave them to us to try out, so I put them in a fresh salad to add some kick, and boy did they! At least the ones that we had were about as potent as the bulb itself. It was fun to try something new – thanks Dad.

More scape picking and hanging with Grandma Lindsay.And we can’t leave out the PEAS! These were the. best. and sweetest fresh peas I’ve had and little lady could not have agreed more… fresh out of the pod. 

Hopefully more garden fun to come!


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