our attempt at family ‘self’ portraits

Last week brought the last of the 70 degree weather and sunsets that aren’t before 5pm so we decided to take advantage of the beautiful day we had by attempting to take some photographs.

We started with Linley’s affections for her little brother (sometimes a bit too many affections).

Until I tried to photograph Whittboy solo – Little Lady stole the lime light.

There he is! Happy ONE month of life Whittaker! We are falling for your sweetness little love. (fun fact…LL wore those same moccasins when she was a babe.)

Then we headed outside. Almost 18 months and busy busy busy!!! She LOVES exploring. Go ahead and add a caption below the image on the right. She looks like she belongs in a toddler’s guide to hiking. 

Daddy loves!and momma loves.This is what we don’t do nearly enough… looking at his sweet face that’s starting to chunk up!
Or enjoying little baby grips.

But we enjoy plenty of snuggles… With both of our babies. And finally, our attempt at family ‘self’ portraits. 

There’s no use in trying to get everyone to ‘look and smile’ – so we tickled instead. Way better!

And mom + dad. We love each other.

Until next time!

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