happy new year & a bad attitude

or really I should say my ungrateful heart?!

We have OH SOOO much to be grateful for, but today (and really yesterday as well… mmm, probably the day before that should be included) hasn’t been the easiest to put those things I have to be grateful for above those that are, say, more of a challenge to embrace.

I began potty training LL on Wednesday (yaay! more to come later.) and then Thursday came.  Along with the Flu for my dear husband, blood greeting me in the morning on LL’s sheets and crusted to her ear (we trimmed her finger nails and solved the problem), left over stir fry crusted to LL’s booster seat tray, a snotty nose and need for extra snuggles from our 4 month old little mister, which then resulted in not giving the potty trainee the undivided attention she needed, whiiiich then resulted in a pile of poo on the floor and on her socks. LL was also being SUPER disobedient yesterday (probably because I was giving more attention to W as I was ‘wearing him’ all day) she tried out of curiosity to pull the cutting board and knife blindly off of the counter after being told a couple of times not to. After some chats LL needed hugs and snugs. See below:

hugs n snuggs

Maybe we could call yesterday a fail for mothering.

I’ve always appreciated the mother who can shrug at the mess, day, after day, after day… and after yet another day. I’m maybe not that said mother and yesterday was my breaking day when I was again reminded by what God told me. That He’s strong in me when I’m most weak and need Him the most. Truth. I told Tad today that I thought the only reason the Almighty has mothering as my lot is because he knows just how strong HE would be made through me; because let’s face it, if our kids are a success (let alone well fed!), it’s certainly not because, ‘wow! I’m so gifted!’. Can I hear an Amen from the mommies who hear me?!

So tomorrow I’m going to try a little harder to choose joy and be grateful that 1. hey, at least she has healthy bowl movements! (though we could try for the toilet next time) and 2. Whittaker is snot-nosed and crying because he’s here. He’s here; with me.

On a happier note: the Christmas wrap that LL helped to decorate turned out to be such fun! I’ll post on that later along with our Christmas celebrating!

Happy New Year everyone! May it be a FRUITFUL twenty-thirteen.

4 thoughts on “happy new year & a bad attitude

  1. Sis, I can and have share in your horror of the poopies on the floor. I’ll spare you the details, but I will let you know that in a few short years, you will laugh at this day.

    • yes, and hopefully we’ll continue to laugh again tomorrow – though I’m still hoping for NO MORE POO on the floor! I think it maybe even got in the cracks. tmi?

      • Better in cracks than on you. Or her. Or your cell phone. Or your freshly shampooed white-ish carpet.

  2. Libby, I had the same sort of day yesterday! I told Jon at lunch that the day was getting worse and worse until I hit a breaking point around 1030 when it occurred to me that the Lord probably wanted me there at my end so I’d depend on his strength and not my own. The rest of the day went much better. :)

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