heart stamped valentines!

LL and I seem to share a love of crafting, so to enjoy a morning together during W’s nap and bless some certain family members with a fun handmade valentine, LL put daddy’s old undershirt her paint shirt on and went to town making heart stamped cards!

I had made this heart stamp from a used toilet paper roll last month and have been very much looking forward to watching LL use it.

LL_22mo Valentine making 2013-2While I was getting the paint ready, LL became a bit anxious and slurring her words said something that probably meant, ‘paint now? please paint now mommy? pleeeease?!’ im ready

So we began as soon as I had the paint ready and showed her how to use her new stamp.

startAnd then I got smart and put some newspaper down. It was (usually always is) a good idea because after a couple of minutes she decided that other things were fun to stamp also.

got smartThen I gave her this love birdie stamp to try. She got super excited and may have gone overboard with the birds.

LL_22mo Valentine making 2013-9That’s okay. We like birdies.

LL_22mo Valentine making 2013-10It wouldn’t be an LL craft experience without acknowledging (and maybe whining a little) about having dirty hands. She’s so proper. (It’s good to know the context behind the photo below. Without it, this could look not so pretty!)LL_22mo Valentine making 2013-11Needless to say, we both seemed to have had lots of happy feelings while using our handmade heart stamp and even had a pretty decent yield! (I may have ‘helped’ toward the end when attention spans began to wane…)

LL_22mo Valentine making 2013-12Here’s to a joyful Thursday February 14 everyone! Heart stamped cards are headed your way grandpas and grandmas!

happy vday






1 thought on “heart stamped valentines!

  1. Oh, how lovely!!! You are a wonder and are so patient, Libs! Much love and admiration from your proud momma :) Happy Valentines Day to you and all of your lovelies!

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