We’ve waited a bit longer to give W any form of solid foods as we did LL (here is her ‘first time’), but a couple of weeks ago I thought I’d just see what he would do with a bit of mashed avocado in front of him. He’s been grabbing our food everything and putting it in his mouth after all. 

This is how it went down. Mildly interested.


Tried it out.Untitled-2

Mostly just played in it._MG_9826Got a little messy.

_MG_9830And decided eating the bib was better.


a2Over all:


she’ll be a great mother.

We were just having some harmless fun. ImageImageImage(i love them)ImageAnd then something happened. He probably was smashed or bonked somehow. I maybe was upset for a moment, until I looked and saw how great of a mother LL will be one day. Imagesee her compassion?ImageAnd everyone was fine after a bit of snuggling and maybe some singing.

Whittaker | 6 months

My goodness it happened! Six months have passed all too quickly. I’m trying as hard as I can to eat up every bit of our little brother, but he just keeps on growing and growing!

whitt3I believe ‘ham’ is the word they use to describe him.


Whittaker 6 months-4

I just call him so so sweet. He’s developing quite the will though. Don’t mess with his popple while he’s trying to fall asleep or he’ll throw a mini fit of rage at you. Serious. He doesn’t really wimper or cry – But he shouts and hollers until he’s got it back in his mouth! I guess the Asayplacey is about to experience a fit of raging because this momma is about finished with the popple for similar reasons as I was HERE.  I prefer to dwell on the sweetness though…which in all honesty is pretty much all the time. He’s lovely. Whittaker 6 months-11Sweetness and DETAILS! Oh, they change so quickly!

whitt5 Whittaker 6 months-18 Whittaker 6 months-19 Whittaker 6 months-12 Whittaker 6 months-24He has even begun to sit up on his own for just a moment – before drooping off to the side.


I have loved being able to reuse the same tools and toys as I used with Linley. Remember this ‘I love you’ teether? It’s just one of the many things they’ve shared. Whittaker 6 months-10

Whittaker 6 months-9

Gah. I love him.

whitt7 Whittaker 6 months-5I’ll leave you with sugar lips, a chunky chin, and a sweet bow tie hand made by one of my incredibly gifted lady friends, Lindsey Nims of Riglee Mae – handmade and custom children’s clothing and apparel.


Here’s to a wonderful month of new experiences!