Whittaker | 6 months

My goodness it happened! Six months have passed all too quickly. I’m trying as hard as I can to eat up every bit of our little brother, but he just keeps on growing and growing!

whitt3I believe ‘ham’ is the word they use to describe him.


Whittaker 6 months-4

I just call him so so sweet. He’s developing quite the will though. Don’t mess with his popple while he’s trying to fall asleep or he’ll throw a mini fit of rage at you. Serious. He doesn’t really wimper or cry – But he shouts and hollers until he’s got it back in his mouth! I guess the Asayplacey is about to experience a fit of raging because this momma is about finished with the popple for similar reasons as I was HERE.  I prefer to dwell on the sweetness though…which in all honesty is pretty much all the time. He’s lovely. Whittaker 6 months-11Sweetness and DETAILS! Oh, they change so quickly!

whitt5 Whittaker 6 months-18 Whittaker 6 months-19 Whittaker 6 months-12 Whittaker 6 months-24He has even begun to sit up on his own for just a moment – before drooping off to the side.


I have loved being able to reuse the same tools and toys as I used with Linley. Remember this ‘I love you’ teether? It’s just one of the many things they’ve shared. Whittaker 6 months-10

Whittaker 6 months-9

Gah. I love him.

whitt7 Whittaker 6 months-5I’ll leave you with sugar lips, a chunky chin, and a sweet bow tie hand made by one of my incredibly gifted lady friends, Lindsey Nims of Riglee Mae – handmade and custom children’s clothing and apparel.


Here’s to a wonderful month of new experiences!

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