a bit of Linley (28 months)




This is what we see a lot of when something ‘unfavorable’ is said… I wish I could recall. LL june2013-1

LL june2013-3

But then our neighbors pulled in and that caught her attention.

LL june2013-10There’s a smile!LL28-3

LL28-2Just in case it’s not clear, she is pointing at their car.

LL june2013-13

LL28-1My favorite!

LL june2013-11

LL june2013-17

LL june2013-14I asked her to show me her teeth… she did a good job. And she wanted to make sure that I took a picture of her toe (nails).


LL28-5There she is! Still one of my greatest sources of joy – sass and all.

LL june2013-23I am starting to explore having fun with video so I put together a short interview with linley… it begins with a spinning dance, of course. Just a note: when asked what we did today, Linley is starting to say that we were screaming – because that’s what we were excited to do once we got outside!

Whittaker 7 months errr… 8 months.

**edit: this morning my mother informed me that Whittaker is currently in fact EIGHT months and will be NINE months tomorrow. Sigh.**

Well, we’ve been doing more than just trying our hand at avocado as the previous post TWO MONTHS ago would suggest. Our days have been full – from birthday parties to saying ‘see ya later’ to my gramps who breathed his last a couple of weeks ago and the start of a busier wedding season (you can keep an eye out for updates on that here). So I figured I oughta share a few photographs of Whittaker’s seventh month before he enters month eight in two days.

Remember the 90 degree day we had in central Iowa two weeks after the sky poured snow? That was this day. Keep an eye out for teeth!