Dubya’s 2013 baseball extravaganza

I don’t even know exactly what an extravaganza is…

Definition of EXTRAVAGANZA

1: a literary or musical work marked by extreme freedom of style and structure and usually by elements of burlesque or parody
2: a lavish or spectacular show or event
3: something extravagant
Well Dubs was surely extravagant! He’s my one and only and favorite nephew. Here are a few highlights of him in action:
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Happy Birthday America! … or something like it.

I realize I still haven’t posted photos from other special events (Linley’s SECOND birthday for example), but these are right here and handy, so enjoy!

This year’s Hodge Ave parade/block party: Linley helped decorate the wagon and Whittaker had fun riding.

4th of July 2013-1 4th of July 2013-3 4th of July 2013-4 Whittaker’s shirt did say, ‘my first word: HUSKERS’… so we made a little patch for it.4th of July 2013-5 4th of July 2013-6 4th of July 2013-7 4th of July 2013-8 4th of July 2013-9 4th of July 2013-10 4th of July 2013-11 4th of July 2013-12 4th of July 2013-13 4th of July 2013-14 The bell at the end of the parade. Linley wasn’t so sure about it – or anything really at first. We’re okay with that. It’s best to proceed with caution.  4th of July 2013-15 4th of July 2013-16 Whittaker catching they eyes of the ladies… what’s new?!4th of July 2013-17Hamin’ it up.4th of July 2013-18 Yay! The big parade!4th of July 2013-19 4th of July 2013-20 4th of July 2013-21Then we all strolled on home and took some much needed naps. Here’s to hoping America stays free and brave. Happy celebrating everyone!