Whittaker’s Second Birthday celebration

Below, moving back to front, are a few of the happenings of Whittaker’s SECOND birthday celebration!! I still can’t believe he is a two year old boy. ‘They’ all say ‘it’ goes by so quickly, and it. is. true. Thank you to the family members who were able to come make the party a party (almost a month ago – so we’re a little behind)! To view any image larger just give it a click! xoxo. – Whitter’s moma.

Whitt's #2 party-73 Whitt's #2 party-69 Whitt's #2 party-61 Whitt's #2 party-54 Whitt's #2 party-50 Whitt's #2 party-43 Whitt's #2 party-41 Whitt's #2 party-40 Whitt's #2 party-39 Whitt's #2 party-36 Whitt's #2 party-34 Whitt's #2 party-31 wesley maggs and whitterWhitt's #2 party-28 Whitt's #2 party-27 Whitt's #2 party-25     Whitt's #2 party-14Whitt's #2 party-16 Whitt's #2 party-15  Whitt's #2 party-17it's edibleexploring the contentsWhitt's #2 party-24Whitt's #2 party-23Whitt's #2 party-26Whitt's #2 party-22Whitt's #2 party-13   Whitt's #2 party-9great gram and the truck Whitt's #2 party-2 Whitt's #2 party-10 Whitt's #2 party-12

and the winner is…

Hello! Remember the raffle we’ve had open over the last few weeks? (see below)portrait session raffle

Well, today we drew and are announcing a winner! First of all, truly, THANK YOU again and again to everyone who have given and supported us along the way and specifically now through the raffle. We are, as I’ve said and hope to continue to say, blown away!

Are you ready for it?! Drum roll please!!!!portrait sesh raffle winner

You know who you are Cay-Jay! Looking forward to a sweet session with you two lovelies!

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