and the winner is…

Hello! Remember the raffle we’ve had open over the last few weeks? (see below)portrait session raffle

Well, today we drew and are announcing a winner! First of all, truly, THANK YOU again and again to everyone who have given and supported us along the way and specifically now through the raffle. We are, as I’ve said and hope to continue to say, blown away!

Are you ready for it?! Drum roll please!!!!portrait sesh raffle winner

You know who you are Cay-Jay! Looking forward to a sweet session with you two lovelies!

Until next time, if you’d simply like to support our adoption and be a part of bringing our little one(s) home, click here to help carry the load!


Let’s just come right out and say it: The asayplacey has got some spacey so we are adopting!

neocreo_Blue_World_Map arrow

We are in the process of adopting a sweet little person, whose face we long to see, (likely with some minor special medical needs) from eastern Europe into our family! Can you tell we are excited?! It’s exciting to be adding a new awesome kid to our family.

But can we share something we’re really not so excited about? We are not excited that children are in need of families to begin with. It’s not okay that there are over 210 million children is even one child carrying the label ‘orphan’ throughout our world (there are roughly 300 million people living in the USA to give you an idea). But because there are children without families, and out of an overflowing joy in having been adopted ourselves into the family of God through the work that Jesus did on the cross, we desire to care for and give the joy of a forever family to even just one sweet little one. We desire to defend the cause of the fatherless, to take action, and to be changed for the better by welcoming a child into our family.

When Tad and I were first engaged (this is still how we roll nearly 6 years later),engaged5

and were talking about our future family together, we made a decision that someday we would eventually like to grow our family through adoption, and due to some specific health issues that may make it dangerous for my and/or our biological baby’s life should we become pregnant, the decision was pretty clear that, ‘Hey, now is the time to start adopting!’

So we set out on an up-hill hike journey seeking a direction that lined up with what had been pulling on our hearts – to adopt in a little girl (or girls) out of a situation where child trafficking or child prostitution would be a very likely future for her. We know trafficking and prostitution are of issue in so many places, but one specific region had been placed on our hearts. In an effort to keep our story short, we pursued a specific country multiple times where this awful event occurs rather rampantly, but the door seemed to keep closing. We pursued yet another country we felt would be a good fit for us, and the door closed there as well. And the same result came about when we pursued yet another option. We felt stuck until we found an agency that we trusted who had an open program in eastern Europe. After doing some research on the program, country and adoption process and after much seeking of the Lord, we felt at peace and realized that for the first time, the door was wide open! So to answer the question, why eastern Europe? The answer is simply that the door was wide open, so we’re walking through it!

We have begun the miles of paper work, notarizing of legal documents, and background checks, have severely depleted put a very large dent our savings to get the ball rolling, and are thinking of every way possible to come up with the… are you ready for it? $35,000+ it will take to bring our little love out of the orphanage where she won’t be receiving the love and care she needs and into our home where we are anxiously waiting with open arms.

We are confident in the goodness of adoption and the call that we have to grow our family through adoption, but let’s face it; adoption comes with far too heavy of a financial burden to carry alone! We are doing what we can including giving of what we have, are selling many of our goods we can go without (and are probably better off without!) and are putting 100% of our small second income from my photography business ( into the fees associated with an international adoption, but much financial burden remains. So here’s the question – Would you consider being a help in carrying the load?

There are MANY ways you can help beyond giving of your money including:

  • duh! PRAY for us, the whole process, and our child who waits
  • DONATE your talents, products, or services to help us fundraise
  • DONATE your ‘JUNK‘ to add to our garage sale or online fundraisers
  • BOOK a session with LibbyAsayStudio (who doesn’t love fresh photographs?!)
  • GIVE of your time (fundraising seems to steal lots of this these days)
  • GIVE when the time comes of your in good shape items that you’re no longer using (car seats, clothing… that third car that holds 3+ car seats that’s just sitting in your driveway [does this really apply to anyone?! Maybe!] etc.)
  • GIVE of your money (click here)

We will be keeping you all updated as we begin new fundraisers in the coming days/weeks. For now, please stop right this minute and pray for us. Ultimately we are placing our trust in the Lord to provide for ALL of our needs as He has already proven himself SO faithful to provide just what we need. We also know He delights in using people in His provision so if you feel the urge to give of your goods or services (or junk), please shoot us an email to share the details or show up at the asayplacey doorstep, and if you would like to help carry the financial load, please click here to give.

Every hour, prayer, and penny counts. Let’s bring our sweet little love home and together we’ll carry the load.

Please subscribe to the blog to keep up to date as we move forward with the adoption! We’ll be having fundraisers in the very near future so keep an eye out for those as well.

**If you’d like your donation to be tax deductible, you can send a check made out to Cornerstone Church with ‘Asay Adoption’ in the memo line to the address below:

Cornerstone Church | 56829 US Highway 30 | Ames, IA 50010


our Sunday afternoon.

We really enjoy Sunday afternoons – particularly on a day like today! 72° and sunny! There’s typically not much going on, we can work on things we enjoy, and just relax and enjoy the day that the Lord has made (like a TRUE sabbath!)

We all enjoy doing different things. I enjoy mine, Linley enjoys her nap (well, we all enjoy Linley enjoying her nap!), and below, Tad is enjoying his:

This is a 1964 mini cooper that we purchased the first year we were married and had high hopes of fixing up in just a few months and be saving gas with the windows down all summer long – then life happened, we got busy, things break, houses are purchased, we decided to help raise the next generation (joyfully) and the fun hobbies are reserved for days like today. One day… (note: Tad really knows what he’s doing. No sarcasm there. I really am excited to see what he’ll make of it one day!)

But tad wasn’t the only one having a little fun today! Let me zoom out just a little:

Notice the globe in the top right window of the mini – I put it there. :) I enjoyed a little photo shoot this afternoon of ‘things I like’ for the BIO portion of my new website. It’s not ‘launched’ just yet, but I’m hoping for later this month… again, that whole life happens thing. Keep your eyes out for it! and happy Sunday!

ps. Linley is getting better with the congestion, but has developed a nasty cough. Tad stayed home with her today while I served in the nursery at church, so pray for her – especially that she’s better by Tuesday! We’re visiting great grandam Joyce and great Aunt Tink! Shoot – just pray for all of us – Tad’s got the sniffles, and I’m getting a scratchy throat (my least favorite thing!) VINEGAR VINEGAR VINEGAR! gargle gargle.

bags + skirts

First off I’d like to take a look at our dining table and remember why we designated one of our four bedrooms to be an office-study-craftroom. Maybe someday we’ll have things situated enough to where I can sew and leave my mess there instead:

Above you’ll find everything from once beautiful flowers from Mr. Owen Scott, to deodorant and the ironing board (the one and only mini).

For a while I had been wanting to make ‘on-the-go’ changing bags to take with us in whichever purse I had that day as a way to avoid schlepping a diaper bag everywhere we went. So finally I made the necessary purchases and had a go at it. I purchased 3/8 yard of fabric per print and reaped 2 bags from each. With each bag I used about 2 1/4 ft of woven cord.

They are simple draw-string bags, which I didn’t use a pattern for, but they turned out fairly well and are the perfect size!

Contents here include:

  • Changing pad
  • Diaper
  • Wipes
  • Extra onsie
  • Cream

Since I was in love with the mustard print and was already on a roll, I decided to fully satisfy my sewing craving and make Linley a sweet little skirt. I didn’t have a pattern for this either (who am I kidding – I hardly ever use a pattern… or recipe!) but I thought, surely I can make this work. So I brainstormed various designs and the steps needed to complete the task. I measured based off of a skirt that Little Lady already had and concluded that I had juuust enough fabric to make it work. So I made the skirt, and it turned out great! — but unfortunately I concluded incorrectly with my measurements, and with the gathers, there was no way Linley Louise would ever be wearing this skirt. sigh.

This is the front. I was planning on putting about an inch hem with the fabric to the right, but decided to just turn it under and leave it as is.

and the back. I used the snaps from an old onsie and used them as closures. They were a great alternative to purchasing and applying new snaps!

Even though it was too small for our little lady, there was another little lady coming to our house the very next day for a photo shoot who I thought may be able to squeeze in. And that she did – juuuust squeezed in.

I plan on having a second, third, and fourth attempt at making little lady clothes, so no reason to be discouraged quite yet! Next time, though, we’ll leave EXTRA wiggle room for the growin’ girl!