Whittaker’s Second Birthday celebration

Below, moving back to front, are a few of the happenings of Whittaker’s SECOND birthday celebration!! I still can’t believe he is a two year old boy. ‘They’ all say ‘it’ goes by so quickly, and it. is. true. Thank you to the family members who were able to come make the party a party (almost a month ago – so we’re a little behind)! To view any image larger just give it a click! xoxo. – Whitter’s moma.

Whitt's #2 party-73 Whitt's #2 party-69 Whitt's #2 party-61 Whitt's #2 party-54 Whitt's #2 party-50 Whitt's #2 party-43 Whitt's #2 party-41 Whitt's #2 party-40 Whitt's #2 party-39 Whitt's #2 party-36 Whitt's #2 party-34 Whitt's #2 party-31 wesley maggs and whitterWhitt's #2 party-28 Whitt's #2 party-27 Whitt's #2 party-25     Whitt's #2 party-14Whitt's #2 party-16 Whitt's #2 party-15  Whitt's #2 party-17it's edibleexploring the contentsWhitt's #2 party-24Whitt's #2 party-23Whitt's #2 party-26Whitt's #2 party-22Whitt's #2 party-13   Whitt's #2 party-9great gram and the truck Whitt's #2 party-2 Whitt's #2 party-10 Whitt's #2 party-12

and the winner is…

Hello! Remember the raffle we’ve had open over the last few weeks? (see below)portrait session raffle

Well, today we drew and are announcing a winner! First of all, truly, THANK YOU again and again to everyone who have given and supported us along the way and specifically now through the raffle. We are, as I’ve said and hope to continue to say, blown away!

Are you ready for it?! Drum roll please!!!!portrait sesh raffle winner

You know who you are Cay-Jay! Looking forward to a sweet session with you two lovelies!

Until next time, if you’d simply like to support our adoption and be a part of bringing our little one(s) home, click here to help carry the load!

Rain boots and dancing

Because we like boots and rain, mullets and three-year-olds, love-you-so-bad-it-hurts kind of hugs, ‘who can shout ‘yay’ the loudest’ contests, and all around awesomeness. Who wouldn’t want to be their siblings?! To help bring home LL & W’s little sis and/or sis/bro and/or sis/sis Click Here!

LL W - rainboots Aug2014-1

LL W - rainboots Aug2014-2 Yep she’s three and loving it.

LL W - rainboots Aug2014-3 And I am so loving this.

LL W - rainboots Aug2014-4Heyo! The Mighty Mullet.

LL W - rainboots Aug2014-5 Sabotage.

LL W - rainboots Aug2014-6I call this one ‘angry hands’.

LL W - rainboots Aug2014-7

LL W - rainboots Aug2014-8

LL W - rainboots Aug2014-9

LL W - rainboots Aug2014-10

LL W - rainboots Aug2014-11Let the competition begin…

LL W - rainboots Aug2014-12

LL W - rainboots Aug2014-13yaaaayy!!!!

LL W - rainboots Aug2014-14

LL W - rainboots Aug2014-15

LL W - rainboots Aug2014-16

LL W - rainboots Aug2014-17

LL W - rainboots Aug2014-18

LL W - rainboots Aug2014-19

LL W - rainboots Aug2014-20

There they are! The two bestests. Now let’s bring the other Asay Littles HOME!


update + Adoption Raffle Fundraiser!

Hello Hello!

We’ve been busy! Our home study has been completed, our mandated education is nearly complete and now we are awaiting our i800a approval from the USCIS. Between paperwork, running a household, fundraising, and trying to stay sane we could all use a nap (said every adopting parents I’m sure!).

In spite of needing a nap, remember my constant prayer? It’s simply that God would BLOW MY MIND throughout the entire adoption process, and I’d be cutting him short if I said he hasn’t done exactly that through each and every endeavor we’ve made thus far. He connected us with the very best social worker who completed our home study in record time (and well I might add). He’s provided the exact money we’ve needed when we’ve needed it. Our USCIS fingerprinting date happened to fall when Tad would be out of the country for work. We decided to risk it and just walked in hoping they’d give us favor – and they did. God is FAITHFUL. LL envelope

Currently we are gathering all the needed documents for our dossier and waiting for our i800a (I had a helper – see above). Once we receive that we can then submit our dossier and finally…wait. It’s strange to me that we want to ‘hurry up so we can wait’, but the sooner we start waiting, the sooner we can lay eyes on the face(s) that will soon be called ours.

So while we wait, we fundraise! We still need roughly $16,000 (Did you read that?!?! God has already provided us with over half of what we need!) $16,000 is still a lot of money, and we need help. Thankfully our next fundraiser lands you with a sweet portrait session with your’s truly out of the deal. portrait session raffleAs the picture says, for every $5 you choose to donate to our adoption between now and 9/20/14, your name will be entered another time into the raffle. A winner will be drawn on 9/21/14 and announced right here & other social media outlets. So PLEASE leave an email address in the message box while you donate. The prize is a 30 minute portrait session in the Ames/Des Moines area (a $135.00 value) and must been scheduled before the end of 2014. So come on all of you Christmas/New Year card loving peeps (or you ‘I don’t need photographs, but love adoption so I’ll donate anyway’ people) – it’s raffle time!!


  • That God would continue to BLOW OUR MINDS in how he provides for us
  • That Jesus would received all the credit for any accomplishments we achieve
  • That we’d be able to compile all the needed notarized and apostilled documents in time so that when our i800a is approved everything is ready to be submitted
  • That God would be caring for and providing nurture & protection for our future little ones
  • That we’d get a nap


BE one of the thousand.

Exciting things are happening friends! Remember my prayer that God would completely BLOW MY MIND in how he would provide for us? Well, he has NOT been slow in answering that request! He has been so extremely faithful to provide exactly what we needed exactly when we needed it and some even before and we can’t wait to see how he will provide for us as we move forward. So what’s so exciting (aside from God’s awesome provision) you ask? This PUZZLE!

asay adoption puzzle-5It is a ONE THOUSAND piece puzzle, of which we are ‘selling’ the pieces for $10/each to raise funds for our adoption journey. I am so looking forward to having you guys write your names (or I’ll write it for you) :) on the back of your very own piece as you become a piece of our puzzle! Some have already been added – see below!

asay adoption puzzle-1

I found this fundraising idea on another adoption blog I was perusing the other day and thought it would be a fantastic way to let even more people (1000 to be exact) be a part of bringing home our sweets. Ten dollars is like…2 mochas. Or ONE trip to the pool for me and the kids! (we’ll probably play in the backyard with the hose from now on).

asay adoption puzzle-2

So stop what you’re doing, CLICK HERE, give ten little dollars, and BE one of the thousand! Make sure you include your name (or the name you’d like to have written on your puzzle piece) and don’t forget your kids! They will want to have their name on their very own puzzle piece, most likely, just sayin’.

asay adoption puzzle-61This is what the finished puzzle will be. I designed it and ordered it through this sweet etsy shop. But we can’t put it together until each and every piece has been purchased and has a name on the back! Help us put our puzzle together, purchase a piece – or 3, and watch as God provides through all of you! Get excited – big things are happening through all of you!

adoption puzzle

You can also purchase puzzles pieces from me or our family members in Des Moines, Omaha, and Kearney, NE areas in person as well – just stop by or send a message and we will connect.

Another way to be one of the thousand is to send a check to:

Cornerstone Church
56829 US Highway 30
Ames, IA 50010

Make sure you write ‘Asay Adoption: puzzle’ in the memo line!