cardboard heart cards!

Happy February 14 everyone! It’s fun to wake up on days when one of the first things you see is this:

vday from daddyI can explain. Simply put, Daddy loves us. Yes; we would have known even if we would have woken up to dirty dishes without flowers, but we are extra grateful we didn’t! He made us each a special valentine card by cutting heart shapes from cardboard and writing a little note on the back, AND gave Linley and me flowers. What a sweet man, right?! cardboard heart cardsThese, and most other special cards go in LL and W’s ‘boxes’. We currently do boxes instead of scrap books or photo albums. So. Much. More. SIMPLE. This is what daddy wrote to our little loves. vday2013-5

And what daddy wrote to momma is for momma’s eyes, because momma is really mamacita (or as LL likes to say, ‘mommy-citi’.) mamacitaWe love you daddy and are SOO blessed that you are ours!