Whittaker had somewhat of a fever from about Monday through Friday on and off last week. He slept all but three hours of the day Wednesday. I woke him up to feed him and this was the look on his face:

Poor buddy boy, as LL puts it.

We don’t have photographs to prove it but his top two teeth have been pushing their way through! I think the worst of it is over. Though night waking is allowed when quality snuggle time is involved. We will take what we can get! His first birthday is next week meaning our baby snuggle days with Whittaker aren’t going to last much longer. Sigh.

Whittaker 7 months errr… 8 months.

**edit: this morning my mother informed me that Whittaker is currently in fact EIGHT months and will be NINE months tomorrow. Sigh.**

Well, we’ve been doing more than just trying our hand at avocado as the previous post TWO MONTHS ago would suggest. Our days have been full – from birthday parties to saying ‘see ya later’ to my gramps who breathed his last a couple of weeks ago and the start of a busier wedding season (you can keep an eye out for updates on that here). So I figured I oughta share a few photographs of Whittaker’s seventh month before he enters month eight in two days.

Remember the 90 degree day we had in central Iowa two weeks after the sky poured snow? That was this day. Keep an eye out for teeth!