short hairs

So it IS just hair, and fortunately mine grows fairly quick, but this was kind of a big moment. My hair hasn’t been this short since it initially grew (I was maybe 2 my momma says?). No one else has put scissors to my head but my momma, so it only made sense that she would do it. I was putting it off (I’ve had the same Katie Holmes picture since July 2010!) and finally my sister-in-law bullied me enough and we put it on the calendar as a sister date.

this is the katie holmes hair style I'd had in mind since July of last year... it was about time.

this is the before & my hair is wearing me!

Momma was a little concerned.

...but she did it any way! and oh. my. word! that was long! Someone will hopefully enjoy a lovely wig from Locks of Love

and the end result: two happy girls with new do's.

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