a bit of Linley (28 months)




This is what we see a lot of when something ‘unfavorable’ is said… I wish I could recall. LL june2013-1

LL june2013-3

But then our neighbors pulled in and that caught her attention.

LL june2013-10There’s a smile!LL28-3

LL28-2Just in case it’s not clear, she is pointing at their car.

LL june2013-13

LL28-1My favorite!

LL june2013-11

LL june2013-17

LL june2013-14I asked her to show me her teeth… she did a good job. And she wanted to make sure that I took a picture of her toe (nails).


LL28-5There she is! Still one of my greatest sources of joy – sass and all.

LL june2013-23I am starting to explore having fun with video so I put together a short interview with linley… it begins with a spinning dance, of course. Just a note: when asked what we did today, Linley is starting to say that we were screaming – because that’s what we were excited to do once we got outside!

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